Macaron Tower

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Making a Macaron Tower (or pièce montée macaron in French) is a lot of work. 🙂

The tower in the video is 45 cm (18 inch) tall and has a diameter of 26 cm (10 inch). You need around 100 macarons per tower.
I prepared 250 in advance in five different flavors:

  • pistachio/cherry,
  • raspberry,
  • cassis,
  • chocolate,
  • mango/orange.

macaron tower

As a base I used two firm sponge cakes (one with lemon flavor and the other with chocolate flavor) and coated them with white fondant. The cone is made from paperboard and covered with aluminium foil.

macaron tower base

I use tempered chocolate to “glue” the macarons to the cone. Alternatively, you can use a styrofoam cone and attach the macarons with tooth picks.

macaron tower

It really is a lot of work, but the result looks nice and the macarons are really… YUMMY! 🙂

yummy macaron

If you wish to learn how to make macarons,

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