Chocolate Academy 2011


Some more pictures…

Callebaut Chocolate Academy

Callebaut, as you may know, is one of the big chocolate companies. They have “chocolate academies” all over the world, where professionals can attend courses to learn about the newest products and trends in the world of chocolate.

I joined one of their workshops in Belgium. Six pastry chefs and confectioners from different parts of Europe came to a little town near Brussles to learn and prepare fantastic new cakes…

Chocolate Academy

All the cakes are quite complex and require special ingredients and tools that you will likely not find in the supermarket around the corner. In the picture above, inlays are used to create a nice pattern on the top of the cake (the cake is prepared from top to bottom). If you look very closely, you can also see transparent plastic foils inside the square form.

Chocolate Academy

The plastic foil is used to make a cake with round corners.

Chocolate Academy

This is the top of the cake after removing the inlay. The surface is air-brushed with chocolate.

Chocolate Academy

These cakes are decorated with chocolate spirals. It’s the same technique I showed you in the members area. 🙂

Chocolate Academy

We also made a nice macaron variation. It’s a huge macaron with fruity green apple filling inside. This is one of my personal favorites. It tastes very fruity and light… yummy! 😀

Chocolate Academy

Here, we prepare the inlays for the apricot cake.

Chocolate AcademyDetailed guide (+17 minute video) available HERE (for members of keikos-cake).

Some hours later… this is what the resulting apricot cake looks like.

Chocolate Academy

And this is the inside of the apricot cake. It’s difficult to see on this small picture, but the cake has eleven layers (glaze included). And it tastes like heaven… 🙂

Overall, it was a wonderful workshop. If you are a pastry chef or professional confectioner, I highly recommend you check out one of the Callebaut Chocolate Academies in France or Belgium — they are the best!

And if you are a passionate hobby baker and enjoy making cakes for your friends… well, then it’s time you join keikos-cake — if you haven’t, yet. 😉