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Testimonials from 2014:

“Finding your site was a dream come true! Had been looking at courses, etc unsuccessfully for a while. Your recipes are amazing complete with the best comprehensive guidance & tutoring. And last but not least; STUNNING results…! Thank you very much Keiko!!!”
Juniper, Bristol, UK
““Keikos-cake is a dream come true for any aspiring baker or baking fanatic.Keiko Thanks for your generosity and dedication, “Fabulous Cakes, Great Recipes But Most importantly A great teacher.”
Susanna McDonald, Long Beach , CA, USA
“I found Keikos-Cake web site by accident while looking for a recipe several years ago on the internet. I wondered in and that was it I was hooked, especially after trying a few of Keiko’s recipes. The pictures, the PDF lessons and the Video lessons are incredible, All of the recipes are of A+ standards and Keikos takes the most difficult recipes and makes them look easy. I will remain a member for life”
Ray Horton, Lake Worth , Florida USA
“I learned SO MUCH from keiko-cake website, it is so simple to learn high techniques once the resources are available in a way that simplifies all the steps. All the problems I am having I am getting a feedback on so that I fix the problem. Keiko is being very helpful and creative and I am so so so so happy I joined this site (given that I am can’t afford real school this site is a treasure to me)”
Rana, United Arab Emirates
“Im really happy with the improvements that so far i have achieved here with Keiko, being able to show in a professional way the skillful art of being a pastry and the humble act of teaching in this simple but efficient way.”
Jordy Mager, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
“I have joined Keikos-cakes for more than a year, and it’s a total blis, I have learnt so much baking techniques here, chef Keiko is also a good mentor that she patiently and detailedly answers all of our questions in the forum. Thanks a lot!”
Billy, Hong Kong
“I have no regrets to join keikos cake it helps me a lot and I will be a member as long as I live thank you”
Elsie, Queens, NY
“I really like Keikos! I enjoy the videos, lesson, and the final result of the recipes !”
Rumyana, USA, Katy TX
“A one of kind website, Fantastic!!”
Alex, United Kingdom
“Esta es la mejor inversión en conocimiento sobre pastelería que he hecho. De fácil acceso, bien ilustrado y con un manejo profesional del tema. Mil gracias Keiko por tanta dedicación y generosidad!!!”
Viviana Herrera, Bogotá Colombia
“By far the best online baking tutorials ever!”
Sammy, London, UK
“you have problems in baking. Keiko is the answer! The creative recipes and the lessons are helping you to be a perfect baker. Not only delicious, the cake appearance is also stunning! You won’t believe that you can actually bake like a pro! :D”
Tritia, Jakarta, Indonesia
“I am very happy to join keikos-cake! With the videos and recipes, I went to baking class in my country and I have experience but the keiko’s cake is fantastic. This helpe me to improve my skills and myknowledge.I am so happy to find this website. I will be a member for a very long time. Thanks keikos-cakes.”
Soheila, London, UK
“I have so much confidence in Keiko’s recipes that i know whatever i bake will turn out beautifully and taste exceptionally good.”
Leo York Thoo, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
“I am a big fan of European cakes and classy decorating styles. Your cakes and desserts have provided me with a repertoire that not only receives great reviews but allows me to provide great taste in that great European tradition. Also love to watch your manual techniques. Thank you!”
Dana Barhard, St. Louis, Missouri (USA)
“Kudos Keiko for a really wonderful website and for taking all that effort to provide accurate and lovely recipes. I have learnt a lot from your website. Your recipes are often my go-to recipes when I need something worthy to give someone or for an occasion. Thanks Keiko. Patrick, Singapore”
Patrick Tan, Singapore
“I love keikos cakes and what I really like about it is how detailed and simple the recipes are laid out. Also, I learn better when I can watch a recipe and the videos really help because I can replay them if I miss something.”
Nuzhat Majid, Karachi, Pakistan
“I am totally happy to finally find keikos-cake!! I joined three weeks ago and I have produced two recipes with incredible success. My family was delighted with my cakes: appearance and flavor. I am looking forward to produce a more difficult one! Hopefully keikos-cake lasts forever!”
Priscilla, São Paulo – Brazil
“I’ve been ‘baking’ since I was young, mostly from a box and with adult supervision. A few years ago I joined Keikos-cake and started baking cakes that my friends and colleagues think I bought them from a store. I’ve been told many times now that I should open my own cake shop.”
Rubi, The Netherlands
“I always get praises whenever I make a keikos recipe to a party. They said it’s almost like from a bakery shop. Keikos is very professional and the recipes are made easy to learn. I’m glad to be on the subscriptions. Thank you!! :)”
Sarah T., Montreal, Canada
“A superb website with super tasty recipes! Whether you’re an amateur baker looking for ideas or professional looking to hone skills and pick up something new, this site is excellent. A big thank you Keiko!”
Nathan, UK
“Keiko cake video will make it easier to understand the process of making cake. She make the complicate cake become easier. Keiko also very supportive , polite and very creative.”
Usa, Australia
“Keikos-cake is one of the most inspiring websites on the internet :-) For those of us who have baked for years and those who have just started out, you will find plenty of tips and tricks to surprise family, friends, and coworkers. I have been messing around with the oven since I was 10 years old and I am still learning new things. All results of my adventures into baking are shared with family and friends and they are all amazed and surprised every time 😉 Thanks for sharing the wonderful joys of baking, Keikos-cake, and for letting me feel like a queen in the kitchen!”
Signe P., Copenhagen, Denmark
“You really made my baking look professional and elegant. It’s so easy to follow the recipes and I’ve never failed with them. I hope the baking wouldn’t be only hobby for me in the future :)”
Tamta, Tbilisi, Georgia
“Keiko’s Cake is SO AWESOME. I truly love it! It is my go-to resource since I have applied for it. It is value for money, and best 15SGD I spend per month.”
Aileen, Singapore
“Blessed to have you as my pastry teacher. I just can’t wait for 7,17,27 of every month to see your new recipes. You are truly inspirational.Your recipes are so precise.I have come to know about so many desserts that I have not even heard of .And what a value for money !”
Ritu Khandelwal, India
“Being a member of keikos-cake for 3 years (and counting) enabled me to make impressive cakes :-) There’s no guesswork when using different pan size because of the featured convertion table Instructions are clear and detailed Aside from keiko, other members would be willing to help you along the way :-) Great community!”
Ayds, Philippines
“I never knew that I would love baking. Keikos Cakes makes baking fun. There are challenges but with the videos and instruction I never get lost. The forum is there to give ideas and I visit almost every day. Thank you Keikos Cakes.”
Eva Gruszka, Prince George, Canada
“I have always wanted to take professional pastry classes so finding Keikos Cake was a godsend. I’m able to work on projects in my spare time and have learned so many baking techniques. I used to be intimated about making elaborate desserts but no longer. Keikos Cake has given me the tools I need to be a confidant baker. The joy that my baked goods have brought to my friends, co- workers and family members is priceless. Thank you Keikos Cake for helping me fulfill a lifelong dream.”
Linda, Chicago, Illinois
“Learning different techniques have improved my baking immensely much to the enjoyment of family and friends who welcome the chance to taste my lastest creations. An exceptional way to learn and improve with very detailed instructions and videos. Thank you Keiko”
Pauline Faircloth, Sydney, Australia
“Joining Keiko’s cake is the best thing I have ever done in terms of advancing my baking skill level ! Keiko’s recipes are precise and clear not mentioning how delicious every recipe truly is ! I really feel fortunate to be able to create world class cakes and desserts at home . I am very confident my replicates of keiko’s cakes are as good as any bakeries in my city if not better :) because friends and family told me so after eating my creations! Trust me , you will be amazed !”
Andria Kuei, San Francisco Bay Area
“I enjoy watching every single video and have tried quite a number of recipes: one failure with macarons, but I’ll try again!!!! When iin difficulty I wrote and the response was clear and quick! Thanks Keiko!”
Francesca, Rome, Italy
“The is the best website. Here you can learn how to make beautiful and delicious desserts. You can find here everything(videos and PDF tutorials,lessons etc.). Keiko always help if you need help.:) I’m really happy that I found this.:)”
Vladislav Ryasnyy, Prague, Czech Republic
“I am very happy to learn about keikos-cake. Even though i am not able to do all what is taught but they really are so enjoyable n informative to watch”
Sofiah, Singapore
“I use frequenttly Keikos cake recipes and decorations. It was very helpfull for my buisiness. Thanks a lot Keiko. Maria Nascimento”
Maria, Recife, Brazil
“Clear, systematic and detailed baking instruction. Ever ready to share her knowlege and experience without reservation – a great baking instructor indeed!”
Siew Lim, Singapore
“What can I say Keiko, you open doors for me and ever since I’ve taken additional lessons for my business and customers keep coming back. Thank you for taking your time in teaching us the art of Patisserie.”
Ivan, Brooklyn, NY
“I love your recipes very much and my muffins are now the most famous in the neighborhood :) thank you keikos for evrything.”
Lora Corina, Timisoara, Romania
“I am very happy that I had stumbled across Keikos Cake site. Keikos instructions are very detailed and help you learn baking fundamentals. The cakes that I have tried so far were a great success. I have taken many baking classes in various schools including the ‘Viking Cooking School’, and I think I have learned more from Keiko. I look forward to remaining a member for a long time.”
Joyita, Philadelphia, PA, USA
“Pleasantly surprised that I can be in communication when i need help and actually get prompt answers!!. I thought it is an automated cold web site with computer generated standard replies like everybody else.”
Angie Mui, Singapore
“Thanks to keiko-cakes, my baking skills have been improved a lot. You’ve open a new door to my life. All the recipes and instructions are very easy to follow. It’s such a great moment when I can see my cake turns out perfectly. Waiting for your new recipes to make my life happier :).”
Nguyen Thi Kim Hoa, HCMC, Vietnam
“Keikos-cake is an easy and fiendly way to understand professional pastry baking. I have learned a lot from it and mastered many techniques. Thanks keiko!”
Pedro H. Alvarez, Tenerife, Spain
“with keikos receipts everyone can make fantastic cakes. my friends and family loves your receipts, thank you Keiko !”
Sabine, Mallorca, Baleares
“Keikos Cakes is my number one go to source whenever I want to bake something with 100% success guaranteed recipes.”
Fatih, Switzerland

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Older Testimonials…

“keikos-cake.com has been one of the MOST inspiring Professional Baking sites I have ever visited and participated in. I work as a Professional Baker/Chef in the Local Hospital here in the town that I live. I have never had any Professional Training except what I have learned on my own through the years and some Internet College for Gourmet Cooking and Catering. But I have to say, learning from Chef Keiko has been better training than any other source I have ever encountered, offline and on. Her methods of baking are clearly understood for both the home cook and the professional. I have made beautiful bakery creations at the Hospital and always sell out with people wanting more. I always look forward to what I am gonna learn next!!”
Chef Shelly Cole, Jamestown, North Dakota, USA
“I love to cook and bake and it has always been my dream to go to a culinary institute! I live only 1/2 hour away from The New England Culinary Institute, but can’t afford the tuition. I decided to keep learning on my own, and having searched for a good site for a while, I came across keikos-cake.com; I decided that the low monthly fee was a good little investment towards my learning by what I could instantly see to be a very informative site. I have successfully tried several of Chef Keiko’s recipes and my friends and family have reaped the benefits! I get requests all the time to “make something from Chef Keiko’s recipes!” I still want to go to a pastry/baking school someday, but in the meantime will continue cultivating my skills and knowledge with Chef Keiko’s help.”
Barbara S. Burkhalter, Marshfield, VT USA
“keikos-cake.com is the perfect website to learn about basic skills in baking all your favorite recipes. The video tutorials are not only fun to watch but so much helpful to finally understand how to master the individual steps from adding ingredients to perfectly stir or knead the product. I had so many “aha” moments watching the tutorials that now I can master desserts I never dreamed of trying to make at all. My macarons are meanwhile so good that some people say they are better than those from a famous patisserie (Switzerland). Without Keiko and her great website I never would have tried. I am looking forward to many many more recipes and video tutorials. Thanks Keiko!”
Carmen Fischer, Liestal / Switzerland
“I recently started baking and honestly some of the recipes you find on the internet can go terribly wrong! When I joined Keikos I was a little skeptical but I decided to try a recipe of my favorite cake. I must say it was OUT OF THIS WORLD! 😀 I’ve tried about 8 recipes so far and it all turned out fabulously! What i really appreciate about this website is that whatever questions I posted in the forum, Keiko would take the time to explain it to me in detail. I mean the chance to have your questions answered by a top professional doesn’t come every so often!! Thanks keiko and keep the recipes coming!!!”
Rukiah, United Kingdom
“I’m very happy to join keikos-cake! With the videos and recipes, my ever failures at sponge cake making turned into success overnight. Family and friends commented on the delicious cakes and was surprised it was of such high standard! No regrets joining keikos-cake and I will be a member for a very long time. :) Thanks keikos-cakes! Looking forward to more creations! :)”
Sujun, Singapore
“I love keikos cakes and what I really like about it is how detailed and simple the recipes are laid out. Also, I learn better when I can watch a recipe and the videos really help because I can replay them if I miss something.”
Katrina, Barbados
“Hello Everyone,
I am a enthusiastic home baker and stumbled on Keiko’s website about a year ago. Since then I have successfully made truly amazing delicious desserts for family and friends.
In a short time I have gained confidence and understanding in many areas of pastry and baking due to Keiko’s detailed explanation of each truly outstanding yummy desserts.
Also Keiko shares in showing step by step how to decorate and make each dessert look beautiful and professional.
Having included the Forum is also a great way to share and help each other and further advise from Keiko when need.
Finally, it’s a great way to learn from home with your own Professional Patisserie Chef.(Nothing else around like this!)
Anna :)”
Anna, Australia
“I joined keikos-cake.com in November 2010 and can absolutely say ‘How lucky I am to have found it’! I had my misgivings at first, wondering if it was genuine or any good, and by golly, not only is it the best site for teaching-and-sharing-our-views/work/difficulties in baking, we are taught, through both e-books and videos (BIG plus for the videos!), by a first-class master patissier and pastry teacher in very simple and clear steps. She makes very professional-and-complicated-looking cakes and desserts look easy and achievable in our home kitchens! Exactly what I need.
Also, there is something for every one on this site – from the new to the ambitious baker. And all questions, even extending to general questions on baking, ingredients, techniques, etc., are answered fully and promptly.
Honestly, I cannot praise Keiko and her site enough. I wanted to write this testimonial because my own patisserie problems are being met on this site, and I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better teacher than Keiko!”
Mrs. H. Godwin, London, England
“Since I joined Keikos-cake I’ve learn so many new recipes and techniques that help me improve my baking skills. I was able to learn french pastries in addition to my own. if there is anybody out there that wants to learn professional looking cakes and pastries recipes, then this is the place to be.you will not find this type of instructions nowhere for the price. thank you for helping me succed Keiko.”
Ivan Torres, Brooklyn, NY
“The first time I tried anything on Keiko’s, it was simply because I was searching the web for a particular recipe (Cream Puffs) and I came across her site. The feature that grabbed my attention was the video tutorial. Watching the video after reading the instructions gave me the confidence to try the recipe. I even decided to be daring and make the swans. They came out perfect and were the hit of the dinner party. I’ve been hooked on Keiko’s site ever since.”
Mark Horton, New york, New York
“Keikos-cake is a dream come true for any aspiring baker or baking fanatic. The wide range of cakes and pastry recipes available, complete with step by step photos and videos and an active baking forum ensure your baking journey will be a fun, successful one. Keiko is an attentive pastry chef who readily gives advice and help for any baking questions or woes you may have. Join Keikos-cake today and see your baking skills improve and your desserts look more impressive!”
Denise, Singapore
“I haven’t tried any of the recipes on keikos-cake.com yet, but I have looked at most of the recipes. I am very new to baking and I am educating myself on all of the “new” techniques. I am very, very excited to make fresh crossiants very soon. I love fresh crossiants. If you are a beginner or expert or inbetween, keikos is the place for great baking. Try it out, you will not be dissapointed.”
Chris Du Bosq, Orlando, Florida
“An amazing site with great recipies to try.”
Charlene, London, United Kingdom
“Ahh, what to say about Keiko and her flawless, awesome job. I mean, i joined her as a member as soon as i saw her video on youtube and since then i feel so lucky to be her student. She teaches everything in a way which makes even the most difficult baking much more easier for you. So far whichever recipe taught by keiko, iv tried have let me gain alot of points amongst my family , peers and neighbours..
I really see the art and talent in her fingers and she deserves much more than this :) I know, keiko will cross all those miles of success with flying colors :)”
Maryam Khan, Pakistan(Islamabad)
“I found keiko’s website be the end of last year( year 2010) i falling love with her recipe, I started with making cream puff and followed the recipe step by step and then i cant believe the result, it was so delicious and all my friends were so impressed! the most important of the recipe if they are light, not like most of American pastry tons of sugar in it.”
jian, Stamford, CT USA
“It’s a great web site, the information given is very practical not only for professionals but also for housewives and those who want to get started trying to put delicious deserts on the table . As a professional cake baker and Konditor I enjoy this web site”
Guenter Franke, Fleming Island, Fl. USA
“Я не очень хорошо знаю английский. Но этот сайт помог улучшить результаты выпечки и поразить друзей и родственников. Я получаю удовольствие от выпечки и от того что это легко и доступно описано.”
Lyubov, Ukhta, Russia
“Keikos-cake’s recipes instruction are easy to follow. She gave detailed measurements and steps to make the pastry. Not only that, there is a video to learn and a document file with lot of pictures. Although, the end product of the pastries i have tried don’t always look presentable, but it always taste great =)”
Tricia, Singapore
“I can safely say Keikos site is a great thing! The recipes are easy to follow and above all else, they work! You must join!”
Nathan, UK
“I bake swiss roll from your recipe , very soft cake and good smell with honey . Yummy yummy!”
Thawatchai Supasirisombat, Thailand
“Excellent, easy to follow step-by-step recipes with pics and videos for the beginner or the expert!”
Renos, Minnesota, USA
“This is a great resource for any home cook, pastry cook, or chef. Wether it’s learning a new skill or brushing up on an old one, this is the place to go!”
Angela Murray, Flossmoor, IL USA
“I love baking. I am Vietnamese. I went to the baking classes in Vietnam to learn how to make delicious cake. So, when I came to California, US. I really wanted to learn baking so I caould make something for my family on these special day. And, I knew that there was a scholl for baking. However, that was not work out for me. One beutiful day I had found the keiko’s website thru. YouTube. At first, I was very happy beause there was a teaching baking website, unbelieveable. However, I had to try her recpie with puff pastry cream first and no doubt about it. The taste was so delicious why I said that beause my cousin have a bakery in San Jose, CA, and they are very famous with puff cream. I gave to my mom to try it, and she gave thumb up. As I said, I went to the baking’s classes in Vietnam. We practiced in the class Ok, but it was not work out when we did by ourself at home. With the keiko’s baking, if I was not success at the first time. I go back to the website and look at to the video again and also read Q&A pastry’s friends to get some idea that was really useful. I would like to say thanks to Keiko for creating the teaching website. I am very confident to recomend with everybody about this website because I had experience with baking classes from my background.”
Lily huynh, Palo Alto, California
“when I check email and see e-mail from keiko-cake ,that’s the first one click to see the amazing works keiko is doing .following her instrution and videos,make your self become a pastry cheff .I am lukcy that I’m member of keiko-cake.com.”
Adriana, la ,USA
“Kikos you are good chef I congratulate you thanks so much what you give us”
Nadjet, Qld Brisbane Australia
“What I like best are the special “tips” which really helped alot. The recipes are simple and very easy to follow. No fanciful terms and no special gadgets..”
Lam Phui Wan Daisy, Singapore
“Dear Keiko,
Actually I have already emailed an appreciation letter or a sort of a testimonial citing the very detailed instructions found in every recipe. This is very helpful to me because I only have basic knowledge in baking. Only few people are willing to share recipe secrets even though you enroll in their school. And you are one of the very few. I never regret that I had spent few dollars in subscribing to keikos-cake.com. I am excited everytime I see new recipe in my email box. You’re an angel Keiko.
More power and God bless!
Gratefully yours,
Magdalena E. Basto, Cainta, Rizal, Philippines
“A couple of months ago i was wondering ”What kind of cake should i make for my girlfriend’s birthday…” Thats when i checked Keikoes cake and found the best idea for it! The ”Chocolate Cake” recipe! It was really easy to make since Keiko explained every possible step of it and when it got out of the oven… Pure perfection! Now for the finishing touches the I actually made another filling and topping BOTH from other recipes of the Keikos-Cake website… And it was delicious! I even made some chocolate and marzipan rozes, also learned from a recipe coming from Keiko! So i just have to say how gratefull i am for all these wonderfull recipes! Thanks alot! :)”
Lesley de Nooijer, Vlissingen, Zeeland, The Netherlands
“If you like pastry, keikos-cake.com is the by far the best initiative found on the world wide web. I was very happy when I found it after searching for recipes on the net for many and many hours. Thank you keikos.
p.s.: please try to avoid copying and give out these recipes yourselves so that this initiative can go on for a long time.”
Franky Van Remoortere, Sint-Niklaas Belgium
“Very informative website with great detail on how to make cakes and desserts. The recipes are excellent and they make it so simple to make seamingly very complicated cakes and desserts. The site is very much worth its money”
Elmer, Netherlands
“The step by step videos turn an amature into an experienced baker.”
Jasmine Chen, Taipei, Taiwan
“Keiko’s recipes very easy to make, simply just follow the instruction and i get wonderfull cakes and pastries. The result makes me and other who eat the cakes so happy”
Martha, Indonesia
“Keiko’s baking has made it more fun and challenging. It tastes great too~”
Jane, Newport Coast, CA, USA
“Keiko is a amazing pastry master! I have learnt alot from her on her step by step baking videos and recipies. Amazing results even you are not a pro! She takes time to answer any questions pertaining about baking and always so patient with good or bad questions. She is loyal to her customers (that’s why I’m her follower) Keiko is a very warmth person not only in her business but as a friend too.
I m glad I chose to join her pastry class even though I m thousand of miles away!”
Caroline Chia, Singapore
“i am so happy to be part of keikos cake iam selling puffs now an also getting orders for cakes that i could not make before your site is very help full an the demos thanks”
Lystra headley, port of spain Trinidad west indies
“I felt the receipes you have provided are excellent!! The steps by steps & video do helps bakes to learn them from scratch. I would expect to have more other bakes like breads, cookies & design & nice decorative cake.”
Juliet Yow, Singapore
“Keikos-Cake have the best instructional videos, with every step and potential pitfall clearly defined. The recipes are almost always reproducible with the minimum failures. Of course, now ones gets the baked product as perfect as Keiko herself but I often come pretty close!”
Mrs Host, Singapore
“I learned a lot at this time with Keiko. It is best that I can share my concerns and exchange knowledge.
I have come to sell my products, because the people who test
said “delicious”.
I think of this as a business that improves my quality of life.
and think of this as a business that improves my quality of life.
Keiko Thanks for your generosity and dedication”
Viviana Herrera, Colombia, Bogotá
“Whether you’re a beginner or a pastry chef, keikos-cake.com is the perfect site to join. So far I have only tried out a few of Keiko’s recipes and all turned out to be very successful. I received heaps of compliments from my families and relatives, not only the look but also the taste to each was delicious. The cakes that I made was beyond my ability as a hobby baker. Thanks to Keiko’s easy step-by-step clear instructions ebook and video to all her recipes.”
K Ng, Perth, Australia
“Since I have joined Keios-cake club. I have learnt a lot about pastry and cake baking. I always make my own cakes, and they have never taste this good before! I am a stay at home mum, and learning how to ake cakes this way is really easy, at my own time, my own pace, and most important, a teacher who can illustrate the important technique, and also can answer my questions or help when I get problems.”
Helena Coulson, Sydney, Australia
“I really like the way you show your followers how to make things step by step and then by video. i really learn alot better this way than by simply looking at a book. i love your presentations and simple ingredients. i hope i learn alot from you!”
maia gasanova, Limerick City, Ireland
“Fabulous Cakes, Great Recipes But Most importantly A great teacher. Very Methodical and organized lessons. Also you can be sure to get the answer to any baking related questions”
Budding Baker, London UK
“Keikos-cake.com is a real life saver to someone who lives out in the middle of nowhere. I have some basic skills but with this website I have been able to expand my knowledge and expertise with the videos and forums. Money and time well spent!”
Darlene Smith-Gianelli, Glenns Ferry, Idaho USA
“I can save a lot of money in courses and have a high qualified teacher at home whenever I want and I need. In my town I could hardly have access to this information and the kindness and profesionalism of Pastry Chef Keiko is the best.”
Marla Ivaldo, Saltillo, Mexico
“Since discovering Keikos site, I have found that I can replicate many of her recipes to a very high professional standard. This is due mainly to the detailed videos which can be precisely followed to obtain similar results. Just reading instructions can’t offer the same level of precision.
I only wish that the site was updated more often with new delights as I become impatient to attempt and hopefully perfect the next in her repertoire.
I do hope that Keiko will continue doing what she does so well for many years to come.
Many thanks Keiko, from a truly inspired hobby baker.”
David Lewis, Solothurn, Switzerland
“I am so happy that I stumbled onto keikos-cakes, not only is there an instructional video from a home kitchen for you to watch but there are wonderful printable instructions. Opera cake no problem…. Thank you Keiko!”
Linda M Loew, Highland, Michigan

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